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our goal is to ensure that THE face to face relationships WITH OUR TRUSTED PHARMACIST IS ALWAYS COVERED THROUGH OUR INSURANCE COVERAGE AND TO ENSURE THAT THAT THESE RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT forcefully removed through by Risky mandatory mail order PLANS.

laws must changE to protect patient’s options and ensure that patients will always have the CHOICE of getting their medications the safest way AND WITHOUT RISKING OF PATIENTS LIVES THROUGH DELAYS, THEFTS, MISCOMMUNICATION,LACK OF TEMPERATURE MONITORING, OR MANY OTHER ISSUES THAT COULD COMPROMISE PATIENT OUTCOMES.

this issue that is causing millions to risk their lives.

The issue comes from the insurance companies PBM (pharmacy benefits manager). There is an 80% chance that your PBM is Express Scripts, CVS, or Optum RX, because they have formed an oligopoly. The issue is the insurance company's PBMs are moving 100% of the coverage for many patients to have a face to face interaction with their pharmacist and forcing many patients to ONLY be able get the medications that their lives depend on though THEIR (PBM) OWNED, RISKY, MAIL ORDER PHARMACY. Mail order pharmacy is not being forced because it is the best option for most patients.

#1 This is hurting not only patients as they now have no face to face interaction with a pharmacist who knows them and their chronic needs, but our independent pharmacies by not offering a level playing field. Many are closing at a rapid rate across our country leaving many areas UNDER-SERVED. I agree mail-order pharmacy can be an option but should never be forced.

#2. Mail order brings issues with delays, thefts, most room temperature medications (59-86 degrees), like my son's transplant meds that he must have every 12 hours to survive, arrive in only a plastic bag, far outside of the temperature ranges proven safe by the manufacturer. They usually only use cooler and ice packs for refrigerated medications. With the current laws across our nation, these mail order pharmacies are so loosely regulated they can ship medications in a bag in any temperature conditions, for an unlimited amount of time.

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