Wesley's Transplant Story

We don't take life for granted. We are thankful to our hero, a 3 year old little girl. Wesley received a lifesaving liver transplant at the age of 2 after getting the flu. He received a transplant within one week of his first flu symptom. I recall hearing for the first time that he would need a liver transplant. I was walking up to the pediatric intensive care unit where he had just been transferred and observed a doctor/nurse standing outside of my son's room in a white coat holding a clipboard. It was as though she was anxiously waiting to tell us something urgent.

She asked if we were the parents. After our brief introduction, she was telling us that our son would need a liver transplant as 80% of his liver had failed. She explained that we would need to make a decisions quickly and that if he received a liver transplant that he would be on immunosuppression medications for the rest of his life.

The thought of medications for the rest of his life was nothing compared to the depth of the fight for just his survival or the possibility of losing him. Of course, we would be alright with giving him medications for the rest of his life if that meant that we could feel his hug, watch him play, and grow up just as we had planned since the day of his birth.

Within 24 hours of being listed for a liver transplant, Wesley had a liver. I remember at one point thinking that we would lose Wesley before the organ arrived. His health declined rapidly. I asked the transplant surgeon, Are we going to make it?

Her reply became my life's motto, "We will never make it if we don't try."